Mrs.Smita Mhaskar
Principal, I.E.S. Raja Shivaji Vidyalaya  
Hello, Friends we have entered in the year of centenary .The 100 years have passed away .Now in the 21ST century we have an advanced ,progressive Raja shivaji vidyalaya,of Indian Education society . I saluate the dedicated teachers who have founded this school in 1912,with a vision. The vision to serve the society, through the field of education. Education which is related to moral values and principles. At present with the techno – savvy education, we need, value education .With the moral support of all teachers, we wish to build up a sincere citizen of India; who is able to handle the current problems of our nation. I myself feel that only the school teachers will nourish and cherish these values among the students. I hope my students will follow the path of truth, charity and self – dignity.

As we have stayed together for 100 years as family members, we have developed a bond of relations, which is necessary for a true humanbeing. Let us join our hands together for our bright future. Let us all resolve to take our school to greater heights in the centenany year 2011-2012.